What we do

Product design

We go through the discovery process together with the client to address all users’ needs. From building wireframes to delivering the final user interface design, we constantly test and iterate our designs in order to deliver the best possible user experience to the end user.

Mobile development

Developing native or hybrid Android and iOS apps for the best user experience on mobile devices.

With React Native, we build powerful hybrid applications that work great on both Android and iOS platforms and often save a lot of time and money for our clients.

Frontend development

We make everything look beautiful, seamless and responsive when displaying the content, using the latest technology and tools.

Our technology of choice is React. With React we create performant applications that you want to show around.

We can build a fresh new app from scratch, improve an existing one or rewrite your current app to modern React architecture. If your app needs to integrate with the Ethereum blockchain, we got you covered there as well.

Backend development

Building the infrastructure for your application - from defining the system architecture, building the database, business rules and APIs.

Our team has extensive experience working with complex applications like cryptocurrency exchanges and e-commerce platforms. We use ASP.NET Core to build fast and robust software which can be deployed anywhere.

Apart from that, we are no strangers to the world of Node.JS. Apart from standard web backend development, we build Ethereum smart contracts to enrich your application with DeFi features.

Blockchain Development

We will create smart contracts for your project running on the Ethereum network. Our specialty is the development and execution of NFT related projects.

Quality assurance

Before releasing the final product, we go through an extensive usability testing process to make the product bulletproof and seamless.

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