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Nebojša Veron
placeholder is the only Croatian online food delivery platform operating in 8 Croatian cities, serving 100.000+ users and 130+ restaurants. We have designed, developed, scaled and maintained the platform since its early days in 2013. What started as a simple web application has grown into a profitable company with its product available on Web, iOS and Android platforms.

Easy food ordering

Ordering food over the phone is history, for some time now. We have designed and developed the only Croatian online food delivery platform which enables users to easily browse restaurant’s menus and order food they want in just a few easy clicks, using their smartphones or desktop computers. With, restaurants can kick off their sales on the first day, without any marketing investments.


Processing millions of orders

To build platform, we used ASP.NET on the backend and Angular as the frontend framework. We have built a feature-rich core back office system providing all the functionalities to web and mobile apps. It enables creation of new restaurants, specifying their delivery zones, processing millions of orders so far, dealing with group ordering and discount codes and many more features a platform like this requires.

Native experience for mobile users

Having more than 80% of users on mobile devices, we had to think mobile-first and provide the best UX on all important mobile platforms - web, iOS and Android. Building a responsive web application was the first step back in 2015., but in 2020. we brought native experience for iOS and Android users. The iOS app was written in Swift, using RxSwift, while Android was written in Kotlin, using the Coroutines Flow.


The only tool restaurants need

With restaurants can start selling on the first day, without any marketing investments needed. The platform enables them to specify things like their online menu, delivery zones, minimum order amount. With a simple admin web app, they can handle all the orders in real-time, track their statistics and get insight into their new or returning customers. enables them to get online and make sales in just a click, whenever they want to and get valuable feedback from customers.

Delivery fleet application

Selling online to your potential customers is just the first step in the process. After a successful order, chefs have to prepare the food and it has to get delivered to the user's doorstep. That is why we even built a Delivery fleet application, to help delivery workers track all of their orders, get navigated to the user’s address and even get in touch with the user if needed. This has drastically improved the delivery process for restaurants and delivery workers satisfaction.

Ordering food at a workplace

Ordering lunch at work every day is a challenging task, especially in a large group. To save time collecting lunch orders every day by a single person, we have built for business, a product that helps large groups or companies make group orders. When onboarded to a company profile, each company user makes an order using his device and a single group order is triggered automatically at a specific time. Users can also pay monthly and the invoices are automatically generated by the system, at the end of each month.

Scope of work


  • Research
  • Application Concept
  • Creative Solution


  • Back-end development
  • Front-end development
  • Mobile apps development

Quality Assurance

  • Usability Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Monitoring
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